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Mrs.  Amy  Rust
Business Education/FBLA
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Mrs. Rust

Business Education


8:00-8:45 Planning
8:50-9:35 Computer Business Applications
9:40-10:25 Marketing
10:30-11:15 Enrichment
11:20-12:05 Accounting II
12:05-12:35 Lunch
12:40-1:30 Accounting I
1:35-2:25 Banking Principles
2:30-3:15 Computer Business Applications

AMI Lesson

Computer Applications-Work on next Module's Vocabulary.

Marketing-Log into your Marketing Econ Lowdown Website.

  • Day 1: Economic Lowdown: Episode 6--Circular Flow
  • Day 2: Economic Lowdown: Episode 7--Gross Domestic Product
  • Day 3: GDP: What is it?
  • Day 4: GDP: Measurement & Growth
  • Day 5: GDP: Policy

Accounting I and II-Log into Aplia. Complete current application problem assigned on course outline.

Banking Principles-Log into your Econ Lowdown Website.

  • Day 1: Classroom Economist: The Return to Education
  • Day 2: Classroom Economist: Why Monetary Policy is Important for Everybody
  • Day 3: Consequences of Unemployment
  • Day 4: Ella Saves Today
  • Day 5: Economic Lowdown Audio Series: Episode 3-The Role of Self-Interest and Competition in a Market Economy