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Mrs.  Andrea  Hooper
English 12, AP Literature and Composition, Oral Communication
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AMI Days

Students: When we take an AMI day, please go to Google Classroom and check the Stream and Classwork for details of the day's activities and assignments. Everything you need in order to complete English 12 or AP Literature and Composition for the day will be on Google Classroom. I will be available during normal school hours to answer your questions by email. 





AMI (Snow Day #1): Students must go to Moodle. Please complete the work titled "AMI Snow Day Assignment #1." I will be available online through school email, REMIND, or Moodle from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm. Contact me with questions about the assignment.




Dear Seniors and Parents of Seniors:

Welcome to 12th grade English! I am Mrs. Andrea Hooper. My students need to daily use Moodle to complete and turn in assignments. Establishing a Dropbox will help students store their documents for the course. I will allow time in class to establish these Moodle and Dropbox as ways to electronically file papers, notes, and information. The grading categories and weighted percentages in English 12 are: Writing 30%, Tests 25%, Quizzes 15%, Classwork/Homework 15%, and AR 10% and Participation 5%. Notice that writing assignments count the most on your grade, so make sure to turn in all writing assignments by each deadline. I update HAC (grade book) almost daily. Be sure to get your log-in information for HAC.

The Common Core Curriculum sets the standards for this course. A set of the Common Core Standards for your viewing are on the English 12 Moodle page. College and career readiness are the focuses of the course. The course work resembles a freshman composition course at any university.


Seniors do have to meet Accelerated Reader goals and test percentages which are determined by the STAR (reading test). If a senior meets his/her goals and percentages for the first semester, the senior does not have to do any AR during second semester. Seniors will take all AR tests in the library. I will not give tests in my room unless the library is closed. The points goal and the percentage correct are figured in as 10% of the English grade. Seniors will take the STAR on Aug. 16, 2018. They will check out AR books on August 22. Senior AR Deadlines are posted on the English 12 Moodle page, the school website, and the library webpage. The deadlines are as follows: October 5, December 12, Feb. 28,, and May 6.


Please register to use for this course. is a way to get the latest information about assignments, tests, and deadlines directly from me without compromising your privacy. To register, the student should follow instructions on a printed pdf on day one of class.


Textbooks for this course are stored in the classroom. An online literature text is available, too.

As a bonus, parents need to email me. If I receive a parent email address and a texting number that work by Friday, August 17, 2018, at 3:00 p.m., the student will receive 3 bonus points for adding to a low test grade (69% or below) during first nine weeks only. My email address is The students will only receive the bonus if the information is complete and received on or before the listed deadline.

The calendar on this webpage may show certain important dates for seniors in my classes. Just click "calendar" to check for work deadlines and test dates. You may also check the PHS Tests and Projects Calendar on this website.

I look forward to teaching you and leading you to be ready for your college and career years. My conference period is during 2nd hour: 9:00-9:25. Always remember that I am here for you. Have an exciting year!