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AMI Plans


Day 1 & 2 - Work on/complete Chapter Packet

Day 3 - Classical Conditioning
- Create your own experiment using classical conditioning (minimum 1 page) where     
  you will answer the following:
   1. What behavior do you want to create and why?
   2. What steps woudl you take to create this behavior?

Day 4 - Nature vs. Nurture
- write a 1/2 to 1 page explanation on your point of view of the following:
   1. Is a child the product of their genetics (nature) or their environment (nurture)?
   2. Is genetic engineering a positive or negative product of science?

Day 5 - Attention
- We have discussed how attention affects learning. Describe a teacher who does a good job of holding your attention. What techniques does this teacher use? What kinds of emotions does this teacher generate, and what effect do these emotions have on learning? (minimum 1 page)



Days 1- 5
- continue taking notes over current unit
- complete unit review cards


American History

Day 1 & 2
- Read chapter 15 (pgs 460-477)



My name is Mary Adkins. I currently teach American History, Psychology, Sociology, and AP US History. I am also the coach for our PHS Cheer team.