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Accelerated Reader (AR) Deadlines & HOME CONNECT
Posted On:
Friday, August 09, 2019
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Accelerated Reader Deadlines 2019-20


1st Grading Quarter


October 7 - Sophomores


October 8 - Juniors


October 9 - Seniors


2nd Grading Quarter


December 11 – Juniors


December 12 – Seniors


December 13 – Sophomore


3rd Grading Quarter


Feb 26 – Seniors


Feb 28 – Sophomores


March 1 – Juniors


4th Grading Quarter


May 4 – Seniors


May 11 – Juniors & Sophomores



Pottsville uses a software program called Renaissance Place at school. This program has a special feature called Renaissance Home Connect, which can be accessed by parents and students outside of school and from any computer with an Internet connection. Renaissance Home Connect is fun and easy to use. It allows the teacher, the parent and the student to share information about the student's progress in Accelerated Reader, and other Renaissance programs the school may be using.

You can log in to Renaissance Home Connect from any computer with an Internet connection and compatible browser.

User Name: Parents and students use the same user name and password.  It is the student's firstname.lastname.  The password is the student's identification number.

To log in to Renaissance Home Connect Website:

If you'd like to receive emails showing your student's quiz or test results, click the Email Setup link in Renaissance Home Connect and follow the directions. To be sure these emails reach your inbox, add to your address book. If you have questions about Renaissance Home Connect, please call your student's school.

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