Bradley, Jonathan Principal

Adkins, Mary Social Studies & PHS Cheer Coach
Bewley, Annette Certified/EAST Facilitator
Bly, Shanna Chemistry Teacher
Bradley, Kane Choir
Cato, Lennie Certified/Mathematics/High School
Coffman, Greg Mathematics/Football
Deramus, Jennifer English 10/Yearbook/Archery Coach
Dodson, Chris Social Studies
Falls, Abby Biology & Anatomy Teacher
Fisher, Amy Math Teacher
Foster, Tina Certified
Gray, Cecilia Family & Consumer Sciences and Education & Training Instructor; FCCLA Adviser
Ham, Kristen Junior English and AP Language and Composition
Hesselbein, Leslie Spanish Instructor
Hill, Lyndsey ALE/Credit Recovery Physical Science
Hooper, Andrea English 12, AP Literature and Composition, Oral Communication
Johnson, Chance Sr. Girls Basketball/Athletic Director
Jones, Lisa Art Teacher
Kamerling, Chris Instrumental Music/General Music/Jr. High Band Director
Lee, Mark Counselor
Lee, Matt Drivers Ed/Health
Ray, Kevin Sr High Band Director
Roberts, Ed Physics, Astronomy, & Environmental Science Teacher
Rogers, Darla English and drama teacher
Rust, Amy Business Education/FBLA
Sanderson, William agriculture
Simpson, Tracy ALE Director / English Teacher
Smith, Charles Teacher
Stang, Ben History/Asst. Football
Sweeden, Cresha Certified
Thurman, Shane Head Basketball Coach
VanEs, Kellie Certified
Whorton, Amy Librarian

Harris, Danny Classified
Hoien, Charlotte
Jones, Cathy 10-12 Resource English Teacher
Loyd, Donna Classified
McAlister, Keri Certified
Overturf, Tim Classified
Potts, Patrice Classified